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Helpful FAQs

Engineering Tools

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Timken offers a range of engineering tools related to bearing selection, installation and troubleshooting – as well as tools to select related components such as grease and seals. Go here to see our full list of tools.

Proper bearing setting has a direct effect on bearing performance. Our online Bearing Clearance Calculations tool can help you determine the proper starting (or bench) setting for any application.

If you need additional help, email us at

Bearing fitting practice specifies how two components, such as a shaft and a bearing inner ring, fit together. A tight or loose fit can affect bearing and overall system performance. Our online Bearing Fitting Practice tool can help you determine the correct fit for your application.

If you need additional help, email us at

Predicting bearing fatigue life helps the design engineer select the correct bearing  and helps the end user understand how long a bearing will last in application. Our online Bearing Fatigue Life tool allows you to input various operating conditions to determine bearing fatigue life.

Our engineering team also can provide assistance with these critical calculations. Email us at

Grease selection can affect bearing performance and life. Our online Grease Lubrication Calculator helps you identify the most appropriate lubrication option for your application.

Our engineering team also can provide assistance. Email us at

Our online Seal Search helps you find a seal for your application by specification, part number or interchange by brand.

Our engineering team also can provide assistance. Email us at

Periodic frequency is the measurement of cyclical rotations per second of each of the bearing primary components, based on the geometry and operating speed of the bearing.

Periodic frequencies are helpful to know when monitoring equipment health and using vibration signature analysis to determine potential damage modes.

Our online Bearing Periodic Frequencies tool can deliver the data you need to monitor bearing health.

If you need additional assistance calculating periodic frequencies, email our engineering team at

Tolerances describe the dimensional accuracy of a roller or ball bearing. To determine these important dimensions, go to our online Bearing Tolerances tool and search by Timken part number and bearing class.

If you need additional assistance calculating bearing tolerances, email our engineering team at

General Engineering

Yes! You can access CAD drawings for Timken® engineered bearings and industrial motion products by visiting

Our engineering team also can provide assistance. Email us at

Several Timken brands have tools to help you select the right products for your application.

Start by going to Other Tools to access our Non-Bearing Tools & Calculator list. You can select from:

  • Timken Belts® Drive Engineer® Tool
  • Lovejoy® Coupling Configurator
  • Rollon® Product Configurator
  • Diamond® and Drives® Chain Engineer Tool

To ensure that you are selecting the correct Timken® bearing for your application, you can start by using our online Bearing Search tool, which can help you locate Timken products based on dimensions.

If you cannot locate the right bearing or have additional questions, email us at